Niagara's Community Orchestra
Giving amateur musicians an opportunity for music making since 1978!

We are a group of serious amateur musicians whose repertoire includes anything from light classical to popular musicals. We enjoy Bach and Mozart as well as Gilbert and Sullivan.

We provide community concerts throughout Niagara, and provide an excellent training ground for young musicians...and a productive pastime for musicians not so young.

            Apply to join the Peninsula Summer Chamber Fest 2018.  

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A Winter Celebration - with special guest Tak Kwan
Congregation B'nai Israel
190 Church Street, St Catharines
January 28th 4:00pm

Spring concert: May 29th 4 pm B'nal Israel Synagogue, Church St, St Catharines.

Ensembles Concert: April 24th, 2pm Holy Trinity Church, Fonthill